Travel Tips for Calgary, Banff & Alberta in Canada

I spent the last 4 days at the Rocky Mountains in Canada and these are my 10 ultimate tips in Alberta. Now before you head out to the Rockies drop by a couple of places in Calgary.

First thing you should get when you get right off the plane is a Tubby dog. Tubby dog is the most famous hot dog restaurant in Canada and includes this neat little arcade I ordered the most ridiculous thing on the menu. Sherm’s Ultimate Gripper I’ve seen some crazy things but this is the biggest heart-attack meal I’ve ever seen How am I gonna eat this? No not the egg! Right so this is the Tubby Dog.

That is a mess, but it’s awesome. The Calgary trophy right here. So this sucker consists of a piece of ham, egg, onions, jalapenos, chili sauce, and a bunch of sauce. After this giant mess I move on to Calgary’s most famous landmark: the Calgary Tower which has a great view of the city with the Rocky Mountains in the far distance and includes this glass floor. Let’s see how strong his glass is I drove to Tunnel mountain in Banff to meet up with my friends from Holland. They were exploring the Rockies in their RV so I decided to tag along.

An RV is a home on wheels. Our motorhome come and take a look. I’ll be sleeping over there tonight. Yep! What’s that? Yeah! Emergency escape. Go get your pillow in.

Nice and soft! No Canadian wilderness adventure is complete without some wood chopping. Barbecue ten in Canada with a few local brewskis. Right so we’re here in Banff and this is a local brew Approved.

It’s a nice crisp beer, the powder hounds. All right all jokes aside time to prep for a long day at Canada’s number one coffee spot Tim Hortons! Yummy I’ve got a farmers breakfas wrap Spicy! Next up the Banff Gondola which will take you to the top of Sulphur Mountain. Gondola tickets will set you back 40 bucks per person. Now this is the lineup for the washrooms.

So we’re walking now on top of Sulphur Mountain. What do you think so far? Yeah it’s beautiful Breathtaking? Breathtaking! We have arrived at the highest peak on Sulphur Mountain Samson peak is absolutely a must see in Banff Step it up a notch with a helicopter tour of the Rocky Mountains Get on the chopper! At 200 bucks a pop it’s a bit pricey but well worth it for this insane view of the Rocky Mountains.

We even get to see the river which was the film location of the movie. The Revenant! Go explore Banff, a cute little tourist village with many local shops and very friendly people and make sure to try the famous Canadian beaver tails. Obviously you cannot visit Alberta without dropping by Lake Louise. As you can see it’s an absolute gorgeous day, we’re very blessed. The most beautiful place in Canada where I completed a 11 hour 20k hike and almost fainted! Plus we witnessed a massive avalanche. Oh we just caught an avalanche!

Definitely drop by the Banff Upper Hot Springs Holy smokes! The water is heated at 40 degrees, thus a great spot to ease your sore muscles after a long day of hiking. Admission to this place is seven dollars and thirty cents and has a stunning view of the Rockies. As a bonus you can check out this hidden secret near Canmore called Whiteman’s Pond, another stunning place in Alberta. And that’s it for my recommendations in Alberta.

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